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Black cedar 46P- Mature Scrotal 45cm, Mature Wight 2,260 lbs. Proven Breeder of Grassland Angus with oldest daughters 15 years old. The black cedar line of cattle produces 1,100-1,300 lbs range cows with excellent udders, feet, structure and dispositions. They maintain flesh and breed back. They are strong-topped cattle without the broken back sway, hightail heads or posty back legs. Black cedar comes from the Cole Creek herd where for 56 years they have indexed their herd as one unit in an equal rugged dry, grassland environment where cattle have to travel. This gives a whole herd index comparison with meaning and NOT the breakup herd BS marketing ratio indexes. This creates natural selection in proven efficiency with the result of natural culling by mother nature- NO SUPPLEMENTAL FEEDING, NO CREEP FEEDERS, NO IRRIGATED PASTURES, NO WHOLE HERD HIGH-COST INPUTS TO CREATE FALSE DATA, NO BS TRIMMING OF THEIR FEET AND NO EXCESSES. Time proven low input brown grass cows produces great cows. These time proven lines keep showing up if you let Mother Nature make the selection and NOT mother feed truck. Breeding Angus cattle for the grassland rancher who wants to raise replacement females. Old proven. Juanada Lad genetics up front in the pedigree separates us from the gene pool saturation of the Angus breed. We believe a breeder needs to be very honest with all their customers, treat all customers the same, and be totally honest with all their cattle. Treat all their cattle the same NO GAMES! We invite you to our 42nd annual sale to buy semen from our bulls of just visit Cole Creek Angus anytime and remember to lay claim that your cattle can survive in a grassland environment with low inputs you have to raise and prove them in a grassland environment without all the BS high-cost supplement extra feed inputs. TURN THE LIGHT ON!

2020 Calves Sired By:

Cole Creek Black Cedar 1100 - Cole Creek 1322 Auto 717

Cole Creek Juanada Ridge 95R - Juanada 7 of PJM

Cole Creek 1100 Black 355 - Colde Creek 7 Black 1135

Cole Creek Juanada Lad 81T - ELT Ridge Line 724

Broken Arrow Gold 5212B